Monday, May 28, 2012

Spectrum (Calvin Harris) - Florence and The Machine

Florence and The Machine. I'm sure we can agree on the fact that these guys have had numerous solid productions. Spectrum is no exception. Yet, some may argue that their original version was a little slow, lacking life. Calvin Harris successfully fixed that 'issue' without changing the song to much. He kept in place the dreamy lyrics, the inspiring synths, and even one of the beats. It's unique for a remix to improve a song and yet maintain the essentials of the song. Good Job Calvin Harris!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Wish I Never Met You (Devil's Gun Remix) - Sam Sparro

Great Vocals. Nice Remix. You'll Enjoy It.

Thank You - Third Party feat. Loleatta Holloway [PREVIEW}

Third Party has been dropping dirty tracks like no other. Thank You is no exception. Quite the opposite actually. This track defines Third Party and is a main reason why these boys have made it to the top. Sorry its only a Preview for now, but you'll definitely enjoy it. Keep your eyes out for the release. (Download Below)

Preview: Third Party feat. Loleatta Holloway - Thank You by PNSElectro&Nf4! Download

ID (Jakob Liedhom's Set Fire Edit) - Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash

This guy is only 15 and dropping crazy tracks like no other. Keep an eye out for Liedholm, we might be seeing a whole lot more of him pretty soon. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Silhouettes (Disco Fries Remix) - Avicii

Every Body has their favorite song. Mine is silhouettes. I love the vocals, the drop, and the Avicii-esque synths. Yet, I'm willing to give one of these up. These two killed the drop. Its completely a different song and definitely still enjoyable. Turn it up 'cause this song hits hard. Real hard.

Avicii - Silhouettes [Disco Fries Remix] by The Disco Fries

Three Triangles - Hardwell

Just released a hours ago, Three Triangles is Hardwell's new home run. His unique music has fascinated millions, including me and hopefully you, and this track should continue that legacy. With a progressive build-up and a hard-hitting drop Hardwell has once again created one to remember. 

Hardwell - Three Triangles- Toolroom Ibiza 2012 - Out 3.6.12 by toolroomrecords

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Embrace Me (Dirty South) - John Dahlback

This song has conquered the top of my list and I just heard it. i fell in one with the vocals immediately and as soon as the drop came I knew I had found the one. Please accept my apologies for the constant radio water marking throughout "Phazing!!!" and I hope it doesn't ruin the song for you. Please enjoy this artwork!

John Dahlbäck - 'Embrace Me' (Dirty South Remix) by Best House Songs 2

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dounia (Original Mix) - La Fuente

Once again I have been knocked off my feet. Never heard of this La Fuente guy before, but Im so happy I finally did. This track is ill! He combines a progressive build up with a minimal drums drop and I am impressed. Never heard anything like it and I'm sure its not for all, but I love it, so check it out. 

La Fuente - DOUNIA (original mix) (by vindiesel) by vindiesel

Monday, May 21, 2012

Some Nights (Jakob Liedholm Arena Mix) - FUN

Never heard of this guy before this track but after this, he definitely deserves some recognition. Don't even know how to describe this track. Possible anthem of 2012?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

City of Dreams - Alesso & Dirty South [PREVIEW]

Mark my Words: this is going to be the song of the year. Released less then 24 hours ago, this preview of the Aless & Dirty South Collab let's us hope for much more. I love the vocals and the drop is unbeatable. Whoever has been looking for an "Avicii-esque", I found it for you. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


So this isn't exactly house but i thought it deserved to be put up. If you have an hour of spare time, fuck your sat practice tests, sit back and enjoy the dada.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Describe (dBerrie Remix) - Blue Foundation

I posted a David Berrie remix pretty recently and if that didn't knock you of your feet then this will. His remix of Blue Foundation's Describe is one to remember. 

*Preview* Blue Foundation - Describe (dBerrie Remix) by dBerrie

Plug & Play - Siege

This shit is mad synthy. One could criticize the light drop and lack of vocals, but why don't we just laud the strengths of the song for once. Plug & Play is a more than solid progressive and definitely something playing. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Boyfriend (Dada Life Remix) - Justin Bieber

 cn't believe  haven't heard a good remix of this song until now. Its been week and Justin Bieber's Boyfriend has become the most listened to song out there. Finally Dada Life has done the deed. Thanks Andy Ree and please Enjoy!!!

Justin Bieber - Boyfriend (Dada Life Remix) Radio Edit by Island Def Jam

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Sky (Extended Mix) - Mat ZO feat. Linnea Schossow

Hahaha, this kid is fucking goon. But as I never like to judge by appearance I gave Mat Zo's new track The Sky a listen and was knocked off my feet. Not physically, as I wouldn't really call it a banger, but rather mentally. Zo's synths combined with Linnea Schossow's lyrics created something I've never herd before. And its good. Enjoy!
Mat Zo feat. Linnea Schossow - The Sky (Extended Mix) by Anjunabeats

Wide Awake (Dyro Remix) - Katy Perry [PREVIEW]

'Tis a banger. 'nuff said. 

Silenced By The Night (Alesso Remix) - Keane

It didn't quite mke it into my top house tracks of this year, but it was pretty close to it. With his remix of Keane's Silence By The Night Alesso has created a solid vocal house anthem. Enjoy!
Silence By The Night (Alesso Remix) by JMoose

Monday, May 14, 2012

Still Getting Younger (Third Party Vocal Remix) - Wynter Gordon

This song is TOO sick. I know I haven't posted on thehousehold in a while, but this track will DEFINITELY make up for that. With Wynter Gordons amazing vocals and the Third Party's incredible song making abilities, this will definitely blow your mind. Thanks, Joe, for showing this to me.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Allein - Pryda [PREVIEW]

Alone. Alone. Isn't that how we all feel sometimes. Well, get over it, and if you can't this track will definitively help you. I'm too relaxed to write an extensive description on the song and by the end of it you guys we'll be to relaxed to complain so just play the song and pass the fuck out. 
Pryda - Allein (Original Mix) by goise

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Veldt (Tommy Trash Remix) - Deadmau5

Having been released a mere 5 hours ago on BBC Radio 1, I have to say Tommy Trash has proved himself to me once again. I'm not sure about your thoughts, but I personally was a little disappointed by The Veldt. Tommy Trash has successfully given this song the badly needed 'face-lift', and has once again created a festival banger for this summer. Who's ready?

Friday, May 11, 2012

Wild Card (Michael Woods Edit) - Stuart Browne & Flippers

'Tis yet another! All these House songs seem so similar yet they never fail to impress me. Wild Card reminds me of some song, following the same rhythm at least, I just can't remember what it was. If you can, leave a comment at the bottom. It's good. It's house. Enjoy.
Stuart Browne & Flippers - 'Wild Card' (Michael Woods Edit) by michaelwoods

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Changing Colors (Grum Remix) - Paper Crows

Grum has an exquisite taste for music as we all saw in his masterpiece Heartbeats. He has proven this taste perfectly with this groovy, summer house remix of Paper Crows' vocal killing Changin Colors. Turn it up, listen in, and enjoy the sun. 

Glowing in the Dark - Jupiter Ace feat. Geneva Lane (Original Mix)

"Jupiter Ace is following the success of his first single, “Wheel of Life,” with another huge record. “Glowing in the Dark” contains all the ingredients for a well-rounded big room track, beginning with progressive leads and pungent chords, and flowing into euphoric melody. Enter pounding kick drum and a distorted drop, and soon enough, an uplifting vocal hook from Geneva Lane that brings this banger full circle." Well said. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Need In Me - Flashmob

Finally! It is back, the traditional deep house. No more synths, no more drops, just a chill beat, chill vocals, and a sunny day. Enjoy this one!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Nothing Inside - Sander van Doorn feat. Mayaeni

We've been waiting for weeks now and finally it has been released!!! This combo between Van Doorn's 'trancey' beats and, to me unknown, Mayaeni's inspirational vocals creates the perfect relaxing summer festival track. ENjoy!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Eagle Eyes (Kaskade x Sander Van Doorn x Adrian Lux) - HÔHME

It called the household for a reason. Purely House Music. I wouldn't necessarily call this an exception, but its a Mashup. A "Melodic House Mashup". HÔHME has combined some of my favorite songs into a seamless creation of beauty. You'll enjoy this one!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

More Coke (Original Mix) - Cherry Coke

For those of you who have never heard of him or have up to this date thought he was a chick, Cherry Coke is actually one of the most widely known Polish DJs in the world. Dubbed the Polish Avicii, it becomes clear immediately why he has received this nickname. Its most definitely one of the most "synthy"tracks I've heard in a while and could be considered an Avicii classic in a heartbeat. By bringing in small samples of Leela James' "My Joy" and adding in a little wobble at the end, its clear immediately that this guy knows his shit. Enjoy the next progressive house anthem.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Resistencia - Jidax [OFFICIAL TEASER]

"RESISTENCIA" This stuff is good. Never heard of these two guys, but turns out this Parisian duo actually produces more than solid work. Besides the fact that there aren't any gushing vocals, this song definitely has some Big Room potential. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Halo (Instrumental Mix) - Fareoh [PREVIEW]

It's big. Bigger than Buy My Love. Bigger than 2012. This is going to be this year's House anthem. Up and coming New York DJ Fareoh, who actually just joined Kaskade's music label, has once again created something epic. This track was released no more than 30 minutes ago and unfortunately only entails the instrumental mix. But if the first mix is this good already, than I can't even imagine how good the final version will turn out. Hear my word: This song, this guy, is gonna be big. REAL BIG.