Monday, January 21, 2013

Bulletproof (Vicetone Remix) - Doctor P feat Eva Simons

I know this is my third vicetone post of the week, but as I said earlier, these guys are the newcomers of the year and will continue to prove themselves. With a twist on a trancy prog house track, the two guys have once again released a bumpin house track. Their music is unique and their music is good. Enjoy

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Describe (dBerrie Remix) - Blue Foundation

Here's a track that will definitely keep us going on a good run. With vocals provided by the sweet chords of Blue Foundation, my long time favorite DJ David Berrie drops a crazy party track. The sweet build-up isn't the only amazing thing about the track. As the song approaches the drop you may come to notice  a little darker twist in the drop. It is indeed not the typical prog house track by dBerrie but instead a slightly darker and crunchier sort. Sounds like the perfect new trend to me. Enjoy!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Hope (Original Mix) - Vicetone feat. Barack Obama

Speaking of Vicetone, I just recalled a track that might have been the track of this Winter for me. This can be considered the masterpiece that got them out there. With a tricky combination of inspirational excerpts from Obama's speeches, an exciting piano background build-up, and a wild drop to remember make this track definitely one to include in the party-playlist. You'll definitely enjoy this one. 

Hook N Sling & NERVO - Reason (Vicetone Remix)

Here's a track to remember. And if not the track, then simply the artists.  The newcomer duo Vicetone has been dropping tracks like Dahlbeck in the past few months and although I have been slowly but surely falling out of love with the traditional synthy prog house tracks out on the market, so far Vicetone has not fallen off of my list for DJs to watch in 2013. I'm not sure if this track is for everyone, but for who likes it, here's a very traditional party synth track for some happy evenings.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Let's Go (Original Mix) - Muzzaik & Dave Martin

I was gone for quite a while, I know, but all that counts know is that I'm back. Actually all that counts is that I'm back with a bangin' prog house track for you guys to trip out to. Listen to this little preview all the way through and you might be surprised. Muzzaik & Dave MArtin provide us with a first class progressive house build up, preparing us for the Avicii-esque drop we're all waiting for. But wait... That's not it. My roommate said the drop would be great to hunt someone. I concur. Enjoy!!!