Sunday, July 15, 2012

Take A Walk (dBerrie Remix) - Passion Pit

POST #200 AT THEHOUSEHOLD!!! We've come a long way and I just wanted to take this chance to thank our avid followers and I hope thehousehold team has been able to provide you guys with the best of the best house music throughout this past year. Now for the 200th post do I have a treat for you. Take a Walk was released a few days ago by one of my favorite house DJs out there, David Berrie. With a remix of veteran indie artists Passion Pit, David Berrie has combined his unique skill of crafting one-of-a-kind build-ups and drops with some solid vocals. This song is amazing. I can't really describe it too well, so just give it a listen. It's quite impressive. ENJOY AND THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!!!

Passion Pit - Take a walk (dBerrie Remix) by dBerrie

Teacup (Original Mix) - Rune RK

I'm typically not one to laud house tracks without some proper vocals attached. But some tracks are just too good to ignore. Rune RK, a DJ I personally had never heard of before who turned out being the other half of the Danish DJ couple Artificial Funk, has proven his brother wrong who claimed he would never make it alone and has crafted a non-vocal masterpiece. You'll like it.

Teacup (Original Mix) - Rune RK by bascorbey

Here Comes The Sound - Mercer & Mystique

Who's ready for some hard-hitting dutch-house? Parisian Mercer and Mystique have once again decided to provide the avid clubbers from all around the world with a banger. With a catchy vocal refrain they successfully link into the drop that is bound to blow everybody away. Not for everyone this dutch house stuff, but heavy-hitting as always. Turn it up!

MERCER & MYSTIQUE - Here comes the sound [SPINNIN'] dropped by Chuckie on BBC RADIO1 by MercerMusic

Tessellate (Black Box Remix) - Alt-J [PREVIEW]

"If you’re a veteran house music fan then you are in luck. This is somewhat hard to believe, but the Black Box we mention in the title is the very same group that dominated the house scene in the 1980s and 1990s. The masterminds behind the 1989 number one hit “Ride On Time” are back producing music! They show that they have lost none of the magic as they give Alt-J’s  ”Tesselate” the full remix treatment and turn the chilled out indie “Tesselate” into a groovy house tune. No word on a release yet, but have a listen to the preview below!" Thanks for this great track DA. ENJOY
Tessellate (Black Box Remix) by Go-ListenToPromos

Trembling Hands (Benny Benassi Remix) - The Temper Trap

Sweet Disposition is definitely a track we will all remember as well as all the remixes it caused. Now after a few years of Meditation and Vocal Recollection The Temper Trap has returned with yet another vocal masterpiece. Along with Benny Benassi the Trap has once again created a classic that will be played for years to come. 

Spectrum (Calvin Harris Extended Mix) - Florence + The Machine

"Summer Song of 2012" I'm quoting myself here just to emphasize the intelligence of my past statement. Its now among my top played and I'm still not sick of it. At the household we rarely re-post, but this song is most definitely worthy of a solid re-post. ENJOY!!!
Florence + the Machine - Spectrum (Calvin Harris Extended Remix) 320 by Nakid

Steel Eyes (Original Mix) - BENJI ft. Sherry ST. Germain

I have been gone. For a long time. Several times now. And for that I'm truly sorry. But I'm back with short marathon for you guys and I hope that will convince you guys to forgive me. With a combo of some sweet vocals and a unique drop BENJI has once again created an enjoyable Progressive track for you all to enjoy. And please do so.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fire (R3hab's Bigroom Remix) - Adrian Lux ft. Lune

Although the main photo of this post is the photo of the original 'Fire' by Adrian Lux and Lune, I think the track that needs to be recognized is the remix by R3hab. The original is good, the remix is better. I'm pretty sure this song isn't exactly the newest song out right now, but it has recently made its way near the top of my list of favorite house songs. Please listen, you will not be disappointed.

BONUS: I also threw in the original just so you can compare. Who knows, you might be a bigger fan of the original version.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Perfect World (dBerrie Remix) - Gossip

The first time I heard this song, I thought it was a bit boring.. that there was nothing really that special about it. When I started listening to it more and more, it really grew on me. Very catchy. The song gets good at around 1:30. It can get a little repetitive but still a track worthy of the household.

Fly Again (Whelan & Di Scala Remix) - Sebastien Drums & Mitch Crown

Maybe not the best track i've ever heard but definitely a solid one. Never heard of this duo before but they did a good job remixing Fly Again by two great producers.

Tell Me Why (Original Mix) - Supermode

Old but gold. Is and always will be a sick song by two of the best producers in the game, Axwell and Steve Angello. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy